Grandpaw's Outhouse
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Rental Policies
What is a rental period?
- Daily: rent for a 24 hour period
- Weekly: rent for a 5 or 7 day week with one cleaning
service per week, per unit
- Monthly: rent for 28 days with the option of 2 or 4
cleaning services per month, per unit

Rental Payments:
- We accept cash, check, debit, Mastercard, Discover, and

Delivery and Pickup:
-Delivery is available at reasonable rates, prices may
vary, contact Grandpaw's Outhouse for details.
- Pickup is required on all porta john rental and is
included in rental.

- Responsibility for porta johns remains with the
customer from the time of delivery to time of pickup.
- All porta johns should be secured and protected from
theft. Additional charges may apply for any damage to
- If there is a problem with the unit, contact Grandpaw's
Outhouse immediately.

- Deposits are required on all porta johns at the time of
rental and will be refunded upon return after inspection
for damages.

Contact Grandpaw's Outhouse at 254-629-3363 for any
additional information.
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